The Cost of Forgiveness

Jesus' limitless power enables us to live a limitless life

"The sound of Heaven touching Earth" - that's what could be heard in Orangefield Presbyterian at HUB on Saturday, the sound of over 600 young people praising God overpowering the sound of the speakers.

The theme was ‘The Cost of Forgiveness’. Rachel Gardner spoke of how we hold onto things which need to be forgiven and this limits us. We try to find quick fixes which make us feel good for a while but are often short lived and just highlight the emptiness inside.

But Rachel also spoke about Jesus' limitless love and His limitless powerPower which rendered death useless. Power which gives us a limitless lifePower which allowed all those coming in broken and empty, to go up the cross at the end of the night, symbolically lay down the things limiting them, receive prayer and leave changed, restored and knowing their great worth in God's eyes. 

It was amazing to see so many people having the courage to visibly leave behind the things which were limiting them and hand them over to God whose power lifts sin and brokenness from us and revives us.

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