Team 18 - Ex-change - Hub Belfast - 2021

Jonny Rainey, Ross Little & Julia Killed // 12th-21st July // Mondays

The Leaders

Jonny, Ross and Julia have been involved in leading camps and summer teams over the last few years and are super excited to get to know the team and get ready for a class summer trip!


The Team

Ex-change Teams are a chance for you to go deeper with God. This course will teach you more about what it means to be a disciple as well as developing your understanding of prayer, worship and the Bible.

We hope each team placement will include a 2 day launch, a project with a partner in Ireland and an adventure day full of challenge and new experiences. We are preparing for this but should restrictions not allow it we intend to offer each team a service opportunity closer to home.

Sign up to this team if you're up for banter, games, getting to know each other better and getting to know God better!



Got Questions?

Check our our How do Team's work page or Contact your local staff Member


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