Team 16 - Ex-tend - Coleraine University - 2021

Kate Carrothers & James Peters // 8th - 18th July // Thursdays

The Leaders

Kate and James are excited to lead their fellow Coleraine University Students Bible studies and a summer project.

Kate and James are not North-Coast natives, but love living in the area for university. If you’re a regular Coleraine University CU you might have met Kate and James already!

Their team will meet on Thursdays in Coleraine or online (if required) and will serve between the 8th & 18th of July.


The Team

Extend Teams are for those aged 18-25. They are a chance to discover more about discipling others. They are full of challenge and opportunity and will help to equip you as a leader and a follower of Jesus.

We hope each team placement will include a 2 day launch, a project with a partner in Ireland and an adventure day full of challenge and new experiences. We are preparing for this but should restrictions not allow it we intend to offer each team a service opportunity closer to home.

Sign up to this team if you attend Coleraine University and are excited about serving other and taking steps of faith.




Got Questions?

Check our our How do Team's work page or Contact your local staff Member


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