South Down Internship

Exodus SouthDown - "Disciples Together, Making Disciples”.

Banbridge Centre Intern

There's a new chapter here in SouthDown - with our new partnership in Banbridge comes our new home, ‘The Basement’. Provided in partnership with Exodus, Youth Initiatives, Youth For Christ and J29 Project we pray that it will become a beacon of hope and community for young people across the area.

Make your mark here, work alongside staff, volunteers and partners. Establish ‘Disciple Making Youth Ministry’ for generations of young people. As an Exodus intern in Banbridge join the team here and develop a community of Disciples & Disciple Makers in the heart of SouthDown.


Lead in our ‘SouthDown Disciples’ community; delivering in small groups and gatherings and creating great community moments. 

Reach local schools alongside our staff; connecting with students, supporting CU’s, taking classes and introducing Exodus opportunities. 

Promote Disciple Making Youth Ministry with the local church; training volunteers, establishing mentoring programmes and practically support local youth groups. 

Go have an adventure; as you promote, recruit and lead in an Exodus Team in 2022!


"..through this God has shown me His timing is always the best.." - Agi Domahidi, SouthDown Intern 2019-20

"The internship helped me further my walk in faith and shaped my character." - Jamie Lloyd, SouthDown Intern 2018-19

"I was given so many opportunities to disciple and be discipled, and learnt what it means to live a life honouring God.." - Sarah Duff, SouthDown Intern 2017-18

Exodus Staff in South Down


Our centre is in the heart of Budapest, in the headquarters of the Ecumenical Council of Hungarian Churches, alongside the river Danube. We serve among young people partnering with 1RE...

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