How do Teams Work?

Everything you need to know about Exodus Teams

Unforgettable small group adventures combining discovery, friendship and mission.

**Some of this information may not be applicable for 2021 teams**

Exodus teams are unforgettable small group adventures combining discovery, friendship and mission.

Teams are open to individuals in Year 11 and over, and normally meet weekly for 16 weeks following a tailored small group course

Each team then travels to a summer project in one of a dozen destinations worldwide, from caring for children in Romania to working in a township in South Africa, wherever you go you can be sure to make an impact.

Whether your goal is meeting new people, going deeper with God or serving others around the world there is an option to suit you and help you experience the adventure of a lifetime!


How do Exodus teams work?

Starting in the 2nd week of February, every Exodus team meets regularly for six months to work through one of four small groups courses which includes, getting to know your team mates, fun, discussion, fundraising and a residential.

When it comes to July or August your team will travel to their summer project in with one of our partners around the world.


Where & when do teams meet?

Teams meet every week (with a few breaks for holidays and exams). Meetings are held in Exodus centres or local churches and will generally be in the evenings and will last about 2 hours.

Many indivdual churches also run their own Exodus teams.


What are the Small Group courses?

The courses provides team members with an opportunity to grow personally and spiritually. Each team follow one of 4 courses each of which caters for young people at a different age and stage. A summary of each course is below.

  • Ex-plore - DISCOVERING THE CHRISTIAN LIFE - Age 15+ (1st July)
  • Ex-change - GOING DEEPER AS A DISCPLE - Age 15+ (1st July)
  • Ex-press - DEVELOPING A LIFE OF MINISTRY - AGE 17+ (1st July)
  • Ex-tend - BECOMING A DISCIPLE MAKER - AGE 18+ (1st July)


How does the team finance work?

Each team member must pay a personal contribution which will secure a place on the team. It is determined by travel and accommodation costs and the type of work you will be involved in.

Group members are also expected to get involved in personal and group fundraising activities with the aim of each team trying to raise £300-£400 per person.


How do I pay the personal contribution?

Payments can be online through the Exodus website on the individual team page. This uses PayPal but only requires a credit/debit card not a PayPal account. Payments can also be made by cash/cheque made payable to “Exodus” given to the team leader.

To find the Individual team page to make online payments, use the search bar with the Team Number. E.g to make a payment to team no. 33, type 33 into the search bar on the top right of the Exodus website and press enter, click on the team page, then 'Pay or Donate' and follow the directions provided.

We ask team members to pay a 40% deposit once they are accepted onto the team in mid February. The remaining balnce is then due at the end of April.

A receipt will be emailed to you, a copy of this should be given to the team leader.


What if I cannot afford the personal contribution?

bursary scheme is available for those who may struggle with the personal contribution. Individuals who may require a bursary should apply for suitable teams with a lower personal contribution.

Click here to apply for the Exodus Team Bursary.


How do I join a team?

Team details are released in the middle of December at which point there is a team finder on the websie. Using the team finder:

  • Pick out the location(s) for team meetings that you can attend.
  • Choose the small group course which best suits you.
  • Select your preferred project destinations for that course.
  • Check that the meeting night and project dates suit you.
  • Click apply and fill in the form as soon as possible by midnight on the last Wednesday in January.


Can I apply after the deadline?

After last Wednesday of January, applicants will start to be accepted onto teams and those applying late may experience availability problems. Once a team is filled it will be marked closed. Many teams close on the deadline day and all teams are generally closed by the end of February.


How does Exodus decide who will get onto a team?

We work hard to try to ensure that everyone who applies ends up on a team. However, often a team will be oversubscribed or an applicant may not be suited to the options they have chosen.

Where the team is oversubscribed, team leaders will meet the applicants for an informal interview and preference will be given to applicants who:

  1. Demonstrate that they would benefit most from the particular course.
  2. Have not previously done a team using that course.
  3. Are part of the Exodus Influecer Academy.
  4. Have skills relating to the specific placement e.g. music or sports.

Applications between groups of friends will be considered in light of the potential impact on the wider team.


What's expected of a team member?

All leaders, co-workers, Extend & Ex-press team members are asked to support the Exodus Ethos and Statement of Faith which is available at

We expect all team members including leaders and co-workers to attend weekly team meetings, fully support the team’s fundraising efforts and to agree to abide by the Team Lifestyle Agreement which is summarised below: 

Whilst at Exodus events including team meetings, the residential, fundraisers, social nights and the summer placement I will: 

  • Respect those in leadership over me and accept their authority. 
  • Build positive and inclusive relationships with all team members.
  • Endeavour to make a positive contribution to the team and with whom the team has contact. 
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol and illegal drugs. 
  • Refrain from attending nightclubs. 
  • Adopt a modest dress code 


How can I get more information?



download Teams Explained 2020 (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat ReaderTo view the leaflet you need to download the PDF document and view it with a suitable viewer such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

download Teams Parental Consent (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat ReaderTo view the leaflet you need to download the PDF document and view it with a suitable viewer such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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