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Exodus teams are unforgettable small group adventures combining discovery, friendship and mission.

Teams are open to individuals in Year 11 and over, and meet weekly for a tailored small group course

Whether your goal is meeting new people, going deeper with God or serving others there is an option to suit you and help you experience the adventure of a lifetime!

2020 has been a year to remember. We cannot be certain about what teams will look like, but we are dreaming big!

1. There will be Exodus teams in 2021!

We are so excited to be able to share this news with you. We hope we will be able to meet face to face, but there will be teams in 2021. 

2. Groups will be smaller.

To help with social distancing, transport and hosting, groups will most likely be capped at 2 leaders and 6 members.

3. Team meetings will start in mid-march.

This gives us more time to plan really well so you can be sure of a great experience. 

4. Placements will be in Ireland.

All Teams will serve in Ireland in July. We believe there is a huge opportunity to bring hope and blessing to dozens of communities across the Island at a real time of need.

5. We are aiming to create international opportunities.

As we see how things progress in early Spring we will aim to create a range of 1 week International Adventures for leaders & Team members in Romania, Hungary or Spain.


Run a Team

Set up an Exodus Team in Your Church, School or Organisation

Host a Team

Welcome a team of energised and prepared teens to help your churches or organisation amplify or launch an aspect of your ministry.

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