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Exodus can help you get started with a mentor

WALK WITH ME is a tool that we use to help young people (14+) meet with and share questions, celebrations & insights with an older Christian.

How does the process work?

1 or 2 young people meet for an hour every couple of weeks with a committed Christian (Mentor) to catch up discuss the bible and pray.

Mentors are recruited, trained, verified and supported by their local church, centre or orgnaisation and use the WALK WITH ME app to help catch up, ask great questions and focus the time together.

Pairs follow a 6 session "Journey" and can meet in churches, youth centres or coffee shops. Between meetings they will read the Bible and action what's being discussed.

How much will it cost?

WALK WITH ME is free of charge.

How do I find a mentor?

In Exodus we love it when you already know your mentor before starting and that person is from your church.  They should be a few years older at least but can be any age from 18 and up. They should be the same gender and committed to their Christian faith.  If you can't think of anyone your church leader may be able to help and if not Exodus will aim link you with someone. Simply fill out the 'Get in touch' form on this page.

How do you support and check mentors?

All mentors are trained and receive regular contact from an Exodus staff member or volunteer. They must be 18+ and go through a reference and police check from Exodus.

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