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A life-changing experience

This summer I decided to take part in the EVS project to Romania. It was such a blessing that EVS funded the whole trip. I didn't have sufficient funds to go and my mum was worried about how I was going to get there, this funding enabled me to go on a life-changing experience!

Whilst out there I lived with a Hungarian family at the centre in Sutor. They basically adopted me into their family and kept me going the whole two months I was out there. I learnt the language, how to cook their foods and a traditional Hungarian wedding dance. The family (the Gerebs) were so nice to me and I’ve definitely made friends for life. They’re basically my second family.

A big highlight would be forming friendships with the people I met out there. I’m a real people person and I love getting stuck in, so chatting away and having the bant/being involved kept my energy levels high and really spurred me on.

I am so grateful for such great leadership and support. The leaders that passed through Bushcamp were really inspiring, influential men and I really looked up to them. I hope I can be like those guys one day.

What I’ve learnt:

I’ve learnt that I love to travel and to embrace the culture that I’m in. Even though we travel to these poverty-stricken countries, we still need to embrace the whole of what’s going on there. Sometimes we step back and get scared because we’re not used to seeing the reality of their situations - we’re just used to our logistical Western ways - but once we throw ourselves into the thick of it we discover the purpose of being there.

EVS helps to transform your thinking into accepting that all people are equal, no matter what society or culture you’re in. Whether that’s a gypsy community or a wealthy community, both are equal. We should not love one more than the other simply because of money.

How I’m moving forward:

I’m trying to implement lifestyle changes I learned while in Romania. I am now determined to make the most of the day and get up as early as I can with a new focus.

I’ve also realised money isn't everything - it’s the people around you and the joy that they give. It was being in good company that made everything so worthwhile. The joy of the people I spent my time with made my trip such an amazing experience.

Thank you EVS!


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