Máté Nagy

Romania Intern

This is Máté who graduated from the Lévay József Református Gimnázium és Diákotthon in Miskolc, Hungary in 2020. He is very enthusiastic about the challenges ahead.

He got to know Exodus in 2018 during a leadership training course where he invited God into his life. That time he decided that he wants to serve with Exodus and in 2019 he got the opportunity to be the co-leader of Team 81 which confirmed his decision about serving here.

This year Máté is an intern at the Exodus Centre in Sutor where he serves God through manual labour, home visits and kids clubs, trying to find his own way in life as he is becoming a better Christian. He desires to experience as much as he can of the love of God and also to grow in his faith.

Máté is a very restless guy who can never get tired. He is always full of creativity and new ideas. He has been scouting for 6 years, folk dancing for 4 years; he played american football for two years and He has been an active actor lately. 

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