Sharing the Gospel

How do we share the Gospel with others?

At the Influencers Academy on Saturday, our Influencers explored this question. Looking at Acts 17 we saw how Paul and Silas shared the Gospel, understood its simplicity, and communicated it in a way for people to understand

There is an urgency to share the Gospel with others. Our influencers were challenged with what it looks like to share this message with the people we love. For some it was writing a letter to someone they hadn’t spoken to in a while. For others it was sharing a video about the Gospel; running an Alpha course with a group of friends; or cooking a meal for their families.

One of our influencers, Paul was encouraged, 

''I feel stirred into speaking more openly about the Gospel with the people I encounter."

Another influencer, Matthew, said,

"I definitely feel more ready to go school and share the Gospel with my friends.’’

We look forward to hearing how God will use the power of these simple acts of love to extend His Kingdom. 

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