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July 2020: Celebrating Favour and Faithfulness


In May we wrote to update you on how Covid-19 was affecting Exodus. As noted then we have been able to continue the discipleship journey with many young people, both here and in Central and Eastern Europe using the Zoom platform. The sacrifice and commitment of over 140 volunteer leaders has meant that over 650 young people from N. Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Latvia and the Netherlands, have continued to enjoy godly community, engage with the Scriptures, pray for one another and continue to reach out remotely.

I have heard lots of inspiring stories over these months. Much of society may be in lockdown or in a form of hibernation but God’s word is not chained and He continues to advance His Kingdom by the work of His Spirit. Young people have come to the cross and surrendered their life to Jesus, others have experienced defining moments of change and just about all have been strengthened by the fellowship they have enjoyed. There is a lot to celebrate.

In May we also shared with you the major financial challenges we were facing; a potential loss as a result of the pandemic of over £200,000. Today we want you to celebrate with us as once again we have seen God’s goodness and faithfulness. As a result of His favour and the generosity of many, we can report that our staff team of 21, will begin the new season of ministry strengthened in their faith as we have seen God supply all our needs according to His riches in glory.

The months ahead will continue to stretch our faith, leadership and finance but like Paul writing to the Corinthian church we can say: ‘… many will give thanks on our behalf because of God’s gracious favour upon us.’ (2 Cor. 1:11) So we would like you to do 2 things.

  • Firstly, pause and be one of the many to offer thanks and celebrate God’s provision.
  • Secondly, take time over the summer to pray for the teams in Central and Eastern Europe who can continue to be involved in summer mission.

Finally, we want to thank you most sincerely for your commitment to youth ministry as you partner with us in the mission Jesus gave us to go and make disciples.
In Him,

Jim Brown (Exodus CEO)                     Lynda Lynas (Chair of the Board)


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