COVID-19 Measures

Stepping Out and Staying Safe



Team Members, Leaders, volunteers and Hosts are responsible for working with staff to deliver a COVID safe environment by ensuring the following protocols:


  1. Symptoms are Serious
    No-one with COVID-19 symptoms (high temperature (over 37.8oC), new or continuous cough or change of taste or smell) can be allowed to participate in a team related event or gathering

    • All participants should be asked to confirm lack of symptoms before joining.

      • For team members this will be done by the testing team as they arrive

      • For ministry participants this should be done by the host organising the event.

    • Any existing participant displaying symptoms must be shown to an isolation space and get a PCR test at their earliest convenience.

  2. Keep with Cohorts
    To minimise the risk of spread of infection and multiple contacts self isolating - every team will be split into 2 or 3 “cohort” groups of 3 to 5 members to stick with for car journeys, indoor meals & sleeping.

    • The following activities should only be carried out with members of a cohort and no others

      • Traveling in a car 

      • Eat indoors at a table

      • Share a tent or bedroom

      • Speaking at the front
        • Ideally 1 and max 2 people per sleeping Area

  3. Take Two Tests
    All Team Members will have a lateral flow COVID test & temp check on arrival and on day 3 or 4.

    • These will be carried out in line with regulations by Exodus staff and volunteers.

    • They are a requirement for participation.

    • While a negative lateral flow gives confidence that an individual is not infected with COVID-19 it is not a guarantee and so the other measures such as mask weraring and social distancing must be maintained.
    • To understand how Exodus will respond if someone has a postive lateral flow result click here.
  4. Outside is Optimal
    Activities will be organised so that if team members can be outside they will be

    • Staff, Leaders and hosts should hold as many activities outdoors as possible.

  5. Masks Matter
    All participants in team activities (12+) must wear face coverings at all times indoors (unless medically exempt).

    • Staff, Leaders, hosts & Team Members should work to support this

    • The only exceptions are when:

      • Seated to eat with your cohort

      • In your own bedroom

      • In a toilet or washroom alone.

  6. Spray & Sanitise
    All participants should have good hand washing & sanitising and surfaces and touch points should be consistently wiped down.

    • Staff, Leaders & hosts should organise their space and their programme to encourage good hand hygiene. They should also ensure the wipe down of surfaces and touch points at the end of sessions.

  7. Care in Cars
    Everyone in a vehicle must wear masks and have windows open.

    • Drivers are responsible with Team Members to comply with this.

    • Touch points in the car should be wiped down after use.

    • Everyone in the car should be in 1 cohort and so groups of passengers should not change during the team.

  8. Deliver on Distancing
    Team members and participants should maintain 2m social distancing

    • Staff or hosts should plan activities well to enable distancing and avoid unstructured times indoors that can often lead to loss of distancing

    • Spaces should be set up to ensure 2m social distancing can be maintained

  9. Track and Trace
    The name, contact details and covid status of all  participants in team activities should be registered and kept.

    • Team members are recorded automatically through their involvement.

    • Hosts or organisers of gatherings such as kids clubs, youth groups or other projects are responsible for following government regulations and recording details for track and trace.

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