Carrick & Newtownabbey Internship

Ministry Pioneer Intern

“You have not given me into the hands of the enemy

but have set my feet in a spacious place”

Psalm 31:8




Life is hard for young people. They can often feel shackled.


Pressures of grades, girlfriends/boyfriend, family problems, friendship fall-outs can leave young people often feeling isolated believing they are the only people going through it and that nobody really cares for them.  


Help us help them run in a spacious place


We need you, a spiritually mature young adult (teachable, flexible, passionate, relevant, relational, fun, forward thinking, and biblically bold) to use your past experience to help teach truth to the next generation and build a new Exodus Carrick family for his kingdom. As part of the Carrick Team you will have the responsibilty to;

Find them trustworthy mentors, lifelong friends, and mobilizing our young people into mission at home and abroad.  We will help them find their local church and grow their understanding of how best to serve it.


You in turn will experience how to

Serve in a fast paced, dynamic, Jesus-centered environment

Deliver and lead programs & reach out events throughout the Belfast area 

Connect with other local youth workers and fellow interns from across Ireland

Develop your communication skills within schools, prayer meetings and trainings

Motivate and influence our team of volunteer supervisors  

Pioneer youth ministry in Northern Ireland - your fresh and creative ideas are welcome here!

Advance your IT skills, teamwork, problem solving, and admin. 

Be part of Exodus teams & mentoring

Go to different countries on teams and the annual Intern Springs Adventure (Romania). 

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Lets run!

Exodus Staff in Carrick

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