Belfast Teams 2021

Opportunities in the Belfast area.

How to Join a Team

We recommend choosing your top three teams for to make it as likely as possible to find a place.

  1. Choose the small group course which best suits you.
    • Ex-plore - DISCOVERING THE CHRISTIAN LIFE - Age 15+ (1st July)
    • Ex-change - GOING DEEPER AS A DISCPLE - Age 15+ (1st July)
    • Ex-press - DEVELOPING A LIFE OF MINISTRY - AGE 17+ (1st July)
    • Ex-tend - BECOMING A DISCIPLE MAKER - AGE 18+ (1st July)
  2. Check that the meeting night and project dates suit you.
  3. Click ‘apply’ and fill in the form by midnight on the 1st March (after that we will be accepting people and so some teams will close). 


Ex-plore Teams

Ex-change Teams

Ex-press Teams

Ex-tend Teams

Join a Team

Applications open from 12th Feb to midnight on 1st March!

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