Belfast Internship

Ministry Development Interns

Serve as part of a youth ministry hub in the centre of our capital city, while exploring and developing your potential in ministry through involvement in events, teams, school programmes and other ministerial opportunities within Belfast.

Join our team as we serve our local churches and schools in the Belfast area. We are looking for a hard-working, teachable, flexible and enthusiastic intern who is relevant, relational, forward-thinking, and biblically bold.

Working alongside Belfast staff in this life-changing year, you will have the opportunity to...

Develop your skills for ministry and passion for serving

Disciple young people through one-on-one mentoring  

Serve as part of a growing, Jesus-centred environment

Create new and inventive ideas on how to engage with young people, schools and churches in a post-covid world

Expand your IT skills, teamwork and administration



Exodus Staff in Belfast

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