Anett's EVS Experience was amazing to see how many people are really dedicated to doing God's work and to being disciple-makers in their communities...

Going to a new country and experiencing a new culture was a huge step for me, especially since I don't often step out of my comfort zone. 

Having said this, coming to Northern Ireland to work with Exodus was very exciting for me. I knew that it was all part of God’s plan for my life. I really felt God’s presence throughout my time with Exodus. The past 4 months serving at Exodus were honestly some of the best times in my life!

I didn't really know what to expect before leaving home. I didn't know much about Exodus before but when I was there, I had the opportunity to be a part of the amazing staff team that are involved in making so many incredible things happen in the lives of young people.

My job was to translate the Exodus resources, such as small group journals and mentoring materials, from English to Hungarian. This means that now the young people at home in Romania have the same opportunity as young people in Northern Ireland to learn more and grow in their faith. I also helped out with the different programmes that take place on Saturday nights in the Venue.

Now that I'm back home I am very excited about joining the Discipleship Academy that is run by Asociatia Exodus here in Romania and to bring all the skills I developed and the different things I learnt during my time in away.


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