Over 200 Influencers gather across Northern Ireland

Welcome to the adventure!

Last Saturday saw 155 young people in 4 locations across Northern Ireland come together for our first Influencer Academy of the year. In Lisburn, Coleraine, Derry and Ballymena our Influencers were discovering ‘How to run together’.

It was an exciting night of discovering what it means to say that Jesus believes in YOU. Our Influencers were challenged to take hold of the statement ‘I am loved. I am forgiven. Jesus believes in me

For a first meeting the depth of discussion was noticeable as our Influencers opened up about who they were and what impact that made on their walk with God.

All Influencers have been given the challenge to get a mentor to encourage and challenge them as they journey with God – we can’t wait to hear how they’ve gotten on when we next meet in October!


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    We wait expectantly... Excited for what's in store for the hundreds of young people who have joined the teams; we cannot simply assume that something that has 'worked' will simply 'work'...

  • Anett's EVS Experience

    ...it was amazing to see how many people are really dedicated to doing God's work and to being disciple-makers in their communities...