Woodlands Mentoring Training

26 mentoring pairs equipped for the journey!

Last week the Exodus churches department had the privilege of training another 26 mentoring pairs in the Newtownabbey/Carrick area. The enthusiasm surrounding the whole event was obvious from the moment we arrived at the church right through until the moment we left. 

As people began to understand more of the mentoring process, nerves abated and a sense of excitement for the journey ahead took their place. It was so encouraging to see mentors ready and willing to invest in the lives of young people; and young people so excited to learn and grow through the whole thing over the next weeks and months. 

After a brief envisioning of mentoring and its importance, the group split into mentors and mentees for training. For the mentors this meant finding out how to be the best mentor they can be for a young person and how best to use the Exodus resources provided to them for the journey. For mentees, it was an opportunity to ask questions and discover how they can get the most out of mentoring.

When the whole group was reunited, the mentoring pairs shared their expectations and prayed together, committing this new and exciting venture into God's hands to use for His glory!


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