Team 60 - Ex-tend - Ireland - 2019

Darran Dougherty
10th Jul - 20th Jul
Personal Contribution
£195 / €220
Derry & Donegal


Becoming a Disciple Maker

Ex-tend is shaped to help disciples live out their call as disciple makers. It is for those who excited about investing time in others and helping them become more committed in their faith

AGE 18+ on 1st July of year of travel

Placement Details

An opportunity to grow in Christ and leadership as we take on the adventure of Disciple Making together.
Come along for an authentic challenge and real chance to see how God is working across the NW of Ireland and to join the movement of the Kingdom.
This adventure will involved learning Jesus' method of Disciple Making and gathering young people to take on a camp experience empowering them to live for Jesus.


Jan to June:
Extend Team Sessions
Disciple Making Leadership sessions
Deliver a Weekend Residential for other Exodus Teams 

LAUNCH  NW, 3 days of an Irish Adventure to engage with God and understand His heart for Irish Missional living.
Camp, Gather and Organise 50+ young people (12-16 year olds) for a Camp in Raphoe, this summer. In partnership with our friends at CEF Donegal.

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Practical Details

Flights and other private transport will be booked in economy class unless otherwise stated


Camp site accommodation

Passport Information

To travel with this team you will require a passport valid for 6 months after the return date. Individuals without a valid passport should apply for one at their earliest convenience.

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