Szidónia Mátis

Sutor Intern

This is Szidónia Mátis, but everyone just calls her Szidi. She us 23 years old and studies theology in Romania, at the Protestant Theological Institute from Cluj. Szidi started her journey with Jesus when she was 12 years old. She was quite young, but decided to follow Him. She felt in her heart that she wanted to serve Him, so Szidi started to work with children and youth in her home church, and really liked it. The reason why she decided to be an intern at Exodus in Sutor is that she wanted to continue working for God in different places. Szidi believes that our responsibility is also to share the gospel with those children who are not growing up in the church. 

Szidi's journey with Jesus continues. Sometimes there are hard moments but she still remembers her calling: Jesus wants her to be His servant and for all her life to share His love. In her free time she likes spending time with friends, singing, reading, walking and loves being in nature.

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