Phoebe Love

North-West Intern

Phoebe is excited for this new adventure as an Exodus Intern, She cant wait to see how this year unfolds and the things that God has planned to do this year!

She is naturally introverted, and loves spending time in quiet places reading. She also loves all sports (except cricket) and exercise, she is quite an active person and loves to get outdoors and explore Gods creation. She strongly believes that God wouldnt have made the creation around us so beautiful and intricate if he didnt want us to explore and enjoy it! :) 

She has enjoyed discovering Gods character with Exodus over the last few years through teams and events and she is excited to discover more of who he is with the young people in the North-West and believes that the youth of the North-West have incredible potential to be part of the mighty army of Christ that is rising up day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year in Northern Ireland.

She is thankful for a gracious, merciful, loving God! And hopes to see you all soon! :) 

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