Over 70 Mentoring Pairs Launched

"Its all about the ripple effect"

September is a very exciting time in the life of Exodus as we launch our mentoring pairs, matching a young person with an older Christian who they can read the Bible with, pray with and talk about life and faith issues with.

Why get mentored? Megan Rainey who is one of our mentors answers that question.

Mentoring allows young people to go deeper, equipping them to extend the harvest and draw closer to their Creator. I'm so excited to watch the growth unfold!

 Matt Proctor is one of our first time mentees and shares in our excitement for the journey ahead.

I can't wait to hear how God is going to help people grow in their faith and how people are going to learn so much more about His love for us.

Megan is being mentored and hopes for a positive experience for both her and her mentor. 

I'm expectant that God will work both in me and my mentor and that through this we will both grow closer to God.


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