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Team opportunities for individuals

Exodus Teams are for any young person aged 4th year and up. They are set up with different courses, meeting locations and destinations to give a variety of opportunities.

Teams include weekly meetings from February, a weekend residentialhome service opportunities and a summer project with a chance to make a difference around the world. 



Exodus Team Finder 2018

We encourage you to select three teams to apply for.

Before chooosing a team please take time to understand how teams work the 4 team courses. 

  • Ex-plore - DISCOVERING THE CHRISTIAN LIFE - Age 15+ (1st July)
  • Ex-change - GOING DEEPER AS A DISCPLE - Age 15+ (1st July)
  • Ex-press - DEVELOPING A LIFE OF MINISTRY - AGE 17+ (1st July)
  • Ex-tend - BECOMING A DISCIPLE MAKER - AGE 18+ (1st July)


Which team course suits you best?


A Life with Adventure (Year 11+)


A Life with Impact (Year 13+)


A Life with Influence (Year 14+)

Where can you go for weekly team meetings?

Select your chosen course and location using the boxes above

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