I Would like a Mentor

Exodus can help you get started with a mentor

Exodus Mentoring is based around one of four 8 session courses which you and your mentor will follow every week or fortnight.

A mentoring meeting tends to last just over an hour. They happen in the Exodus centre or maybe a coffee shop. They will include a catch up, a discussion about the Bible, a time to pray and a chance to chat about anything else. Between meetings you will read sections of the Bible and act on what has been discussed.


How much will it cost?

The cost is £15 which gets you all the resources, training and support. However, if you are an Influencer it is free!


How does the process work?

Individuals can apply to be mentored at any point but it is generally in August and September. The process starts with a launch night where you connect with your mentor and arrange your first meeting. You then meet weekly for 8 weeks following one of the mentoring courses.


How do I find a mentor?

In Exodus we love it when you already know your mentor before starting and that person is from your church.  They should be a few years older at least but can be any age from 18 and up. They should be the same gender and committed to their Christian faith.  If you can't think of anyone your church leader may be able to help and if not Exodus will link you with someone.


How do you support and check mentors?

All mentors are trained and receive regular contact from an Exodus staff member or volunteer. They must be 18+ and go through a reference and police check from Exodus.

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