£10*  Wellington Presbyterian Church 

*This event is included in the cost of the Influencer Academy.

*This event is included in the cost of the Influencer Academy. If you are part of it this year - there is no need to register online or pay - just sign up via our Facebook event page.

I open my Bible: 
-Why am I opening it?
-What is this I'm opening?
-How do I open it for myself and for others?
-Who could I open it with?

I open so much more than words.
I open more than a library of ideas.
It's like opening a window; the view is increasingly beautiful.
It's like opening letters from an old friend; the relationship is deepening towards lifelong committment.
It's like opening up an old well; the water bursts out to continually clean and refresh.
It's like finding a map with your name on it, a compas for joy, a light for the way ahead, a sword to advance 
and wonder upon wonder the God of the universe wants to speak to me, He has written a book, and it's in my hand. What power, what company, what joy I can find there.

Exodus are thrilled to present... 'HOW TO OPEN YOUR BIBLE' 
A day conference for 15-25 year olds decatated to the act of opening the word of God. 

This event is open for any indivdual, group of friends, SU groups, youth fellowships, youth groups, BB's, GBs, youth leaders etc who'll like to come along. 
This event is for you! 
We would be delighted to have you along to session 3 of The Influencer Academy. 
Please sign up using the link labled 'tickets', price £10. 

If you are part of The Influencer Acadmey you have no need to sign up just click 'going' on this event (cost already covered) and let your family leader know, feel free to invite friends or your church youth group along. 

Stay tuned on this event page for seminar choices, and more.
-We're having a BBQ!! (if you have any specific dietriary requirments please let us know) 

we can open it and God will speak


Wellington Presbyterian Church

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