Exodus Inspires Cross-Cultural Mission Trips from Romania!

An exciting new development emerges from the Exodus 360 network of youth leaders in Europe

September 2014 saw an exciting new development emerge from the Exodus 360 network of youth leaders in Europe. A team of passionate young men from Romania were inspired by Exodus to reach out into neighbouring countries, to reach places where Jesus is not known. The team of 8 young men travelled into the Republic of Moldova on the 1st September to spend 5 days sharing and showing Jesus. Some of their core activities included kids clubs, practical work, home visits and sharing in a local church service, some of which you can see in the pictures below. Paul, the team leader, told us how it all came about.

We began to organize this mission 4 months before it actually happened. We were inspired to take action by the verse Mathew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”. Based on this and some help and encouragement from Exodus, we had the courage to start this ministry from nothing.We gathered together 8 boys who were willing to go to Moldova and serve God. On the team, 4 of us were Christians, and the other 4 boys we hoped and prayed that through this experience they would take action and make a commitment to Christ too.’

The prospect of young leaders from around Europe catching the heart for mission and discipleship and running with it as God would lead them is amazing! The whole team experienced new things and saw God at work first hand during the trip. Paul also shared a story of one of these circumstances where God was so obviously in control.

‘We had to cross the border without some needed paperwork and the only way to do this was to wait another few days or by prayer and courage. Before leaving home God reminded us that He is the Father of everything and if He is willing to do something, nothing can stand in His way. We crossed the border without any problems and the guy from the border police didn’t even ask about the papers or anything, he let us across like we were his friends! In that moment we understood the power of prayer and full dependence on God. We praised the Lord because he used us and we felt useful in the fight against evil-and the guys that were not Christians saw that.

Over all, the youth grew, served and were a blessing because Exodus helped, and gave us the vision.’

The really exciting thing about Exodus vision of ‘Disciples making disciples…today’ is that there is no limit to it. With God all things are possible! This vision is multiplying out all over Europe as God uses His people in amazing and mighty ways to advance His Kingdom.


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